KOOZA – Cirque Du Soleil


Kooza is another feather in the cap of the prolific Cirque Du Soleil, the Canadian based theatrical performance company whose past performances have wowed audiences world wide.
Kooza tells the story of a young loner, “the Innocent”, who appears to be lost and in search of direction and adventure. The Innocent is drawn into a dreamscape which contains characters drawn from the world of toys and his imagination. There is the King and his subjects, the Trickster, a naughty puppy, high flying demons and dancing skeletons.
Cirque quietly states that Kooza explores themes of fear, identity, recognition and power, turmoil and harmony but the final destination of purpose is rightly left up to the individual.
The performance itself however, as always, is jam packed with an acrobatic and endurance filled extravaganza of entertainers pushing their physical limits. There are walkers of the high wire, contortionists, the trapeze, unicycle, floor ring and more, including the impressive and gasp worthy Wheel of Death.
The acts, as usual, are beautifully portrayed by artists at the top of their game and has the feel of a Parisian theatre showcase from the 19th Century. There is slapstick comedy and crowd interaction with the story being played out under the big top to a haunting melody of live musical performances. The costumes and make-up have also been painstakingly designed to help weave the story together in a seamless flow of well rehearsed wonder.
The whole event is truly stunning.

Kooza can be seen at the Belmont Park Racecourse until June 11, 2017.