Sculptures By The Sea

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This weekend marked the much awaited return of the Sculptures by the Sea art exhibition to the Cottesloe Beach front in Perth, Western Australia.

Different from the usual gallery showing, the annual Sculptures by the Sea promotes local and international artists and their contemporary works which are set on free display on and around a pristine local beach.
The seventy entries range from the unique to the bizarre, the silly to sublime but all exhibits seem to attract hordes of spectators willing to openly voice their reactions to such an array of sculpturing talent.blog5

There are the kids favourites such as the flock of silver balls on emu legs(Brad Jackson – wanderers conventus) or giant standing pink rabbit(Stormie Mills – thestormiemillsproject). There is a gravity defying floating metal ball and chain(Norton Flavell – lucky country), an underwater mermaid viewing(Olivia Samec and James Moe – sanctuary), some confronting giant, bronze like crawling babies with no faces(David Cerny – babies three pieces), a forest of wind fans(Yuko Takahashi – way of the wind), pineapple fishing sisters(Russell Sheridan – Sisters), melting metal ice block(Hugh McLachlan – Cube melt), nature vs waste(Tim Burns – Victory or revenge) and so many more.

Some of the art works have obvious statements, some don’t, some are left to the imagination of the observer. Like all art exhibits world-wide Sculptures by the Sea looks to bring people into the world of arts and culture by presenting them with an array of artworks born from a multitude of mediums and techniques and if the attendance numbers at the event’s first weekend are any indication the organisers are being exceedingly effective in doing this. Sculptures by the Sea is a great experience for families, the young and old alike and highly recommended every year.

Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptures by the Sea